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The .net top level domain (TLD) is an essential part of the Internet. Not only that, .net is the third largest of all TLDs. Its infrastructure is also crucial for the functioning of many other parts and services of the Internet.

The registry agreement between the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the current registry operator will expire on June 30th, 2005. The successor registry operator for the .net top level domain will be designated for a term of six years.

This very responsible task should only be assigned to an organization that has the proven ability to ensure the secure and stable operation of that critical infrastructure, and that represents the interests of the global Internet community.

CORE++ is an international association of domain registrars, registry operators, telecommunications and networking technology companies and corporations dedicated to supporting the infrastructure of the Internet. The members and partners of CORE++ are very experienced in all facets of the domain business. They provide world-class domain name registry services that fully meet and exceed all the criteria set forth by the ICANN Board.

In addition to that, the CORE++ partners are aware of their responsibility for important parts of the Internet and work with the worldwide Internet community to ensure and further improve the quality and stability of the Internet and to facilitate its long-term growth.

We believe that CORE++ is the most qualified, stable, and responsible registry operator. On the following pages, you can learn more about CORE++ and the sophisticated registry solution we offer. Find out about the advantages it will have for the community when CORE++ becomes the successor registry operator for .net.

We are sure you will agree:

CORE++ is THE global solution for .net

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